About Eric Kaldor

Still Standing

Eric Kaldor was born in Brooklyn, New York, during the Great Depression. His father, a refugee, kept a fully packed suitcase in the closet—which added to the family’s general paranoia.

Kaldor was an indifferent student and attended a number of mind numbing universities but quit them all and became a ski bum.

Kaldor was drafted during the Korean conflict and despite coming from a family of Communists he finagled his way into The Counter Intelligence Corps. He did well checking on the loyalty of Hollywood moguls and stars during the McCarthy era. Eventually his family background was exposed but he managed to escape with a Honorable Discharge.

He took the GI Bill and went to Europe but spent his time on the ski slope, not in the class room. He did find time to get married, which ended disastrously. So did his skiing. He nearly lost his leg in a downhill race.

Kaldor returned to America on crutches and got a job in the mailroom of an ad agency, and then was hired as a production assistant on the soap, “As The World Turns.” From there, he became a production assistant at CBS and then a Unit Manager on The Squaw Valley Winter Olympics. Kaldor then went to Califronia as a unit manager for ABC. He worked on soaps and “Queen For a Day” until he was hired at ABC’s “Wide World of Sports.” He was the co-coordinating producer in Grenoble for the 1968 Winter Olympics, and a producer in the Mexico City games. He also produced numerous segments for “Wide World of Sports.”

During his tenor at ABC, Kaldor was almost indicted for manslaughter while producing a ski competition. Beating the rap, Kaldor went to California and began to write. He wrote for several of the most classic TV shows (“The Rockford Files,” “Emergency!” and “The Incredible Hulk“) of the 70′s. He was nominated for an Emmy for an episode of Kojak. He also started an affair with the wife of a Hollywood mogul. The mogul found out about the tryst and had him “Hollywood blacklisted.”

Unable to write, he started selling drugs—to the stars, movers, and shakers in Hollywood. Along the way, he became a cocaine and quaaludes addict, and with his girlfriend, they frequented orgies in LA. The studio mogul exposed the couples escapades and had them busted. In the aftermath, Kaldor’s girlfriend went into a deep depression and committed suicide.

Kaldor tied himself to a bed, kicked drugs, and suffered organ failure, but remarkably recovered. He began to write again and became an actor. He was featured in “Hollywoodland,” “ER,” “House” and numerous commercials. He had faced death three times, including his encounters with prostate cancer and kidney shutdowns. His stories helped him write a self-deprecating, tragic, black-comic novel about a life he wouldn’t wish on his worst enemy (He still has a few). The novel is entitled “Scars of David.”

You can get a taste of my upcoming book “Scars of David” by listening to the readings from my podcasts or by downloading the ePub & PDF files to read on your computer or mobile device.