Author Eric Kaldor’s Writings

Scars of David – The Novel

Scars of David is a tragic, black-comic novel that follows the private misadventures of Eric Kaldor aka David Kleinman. Once a ski racer, a special Counter Intelligence Corps. agent, a ”Wild World of Sports” producer, and an Emmy nominated writer; David, reconstructs his life of access and indulgence from orgies in Los Angeles to dealing drugs in Beverly Hills. As they twist between the tales of lust, love, manslaughter, suicide, and organ failure, they show their cumulative effect on David’s full-grown survival and perhaps salvation.

It’s a life he wouldn’t wish on his worst enemy – but it was a helluva ride and makes for a helluva read.

You can get a taste of my upcoming book “Scars of David” by listening to the readings from my podcasts or by downloading the ePub & PDF files to read on your computer or mobile device.