Cut Off Their Balls!!!

I have a solution for sex crimes. I’m talking about sexual deviants, rapists, child molesters, kidnappers and the like—they should have their balls cut off!

I don’t mean literally with a scissors or a scalpel…I mean they should be castrated chemically.

I know what I’m talking about. I have been chemically castrated twice!!!

No, I’m not a rapist or child molester…rather I have had the misfortune (like three quarters of the men of my age) of having prostate cancer.

But in the last thirty years medical science has made some remarkable advances in treating this disease. Because the cancer is driven by testosterone one of the ways to control this potentially life threatening ailment it is to stop the body from manufacturing the male hormone.

I can’t say that chemical castration is a pleasant experience. You have to take three pills (Casodex) and an inoculation (Lupron) once a month. And here’s what happens. You gain weight, at times you’re so exhausted you can’t get your butt off the couch—- and then you—formerly a red blooded fully functioning male go through menopause! Yeah menopause with all the hot flashes and hourly sweats your wives, girl friends and daughters have been complaining about. And on top of all these indignities you have no sex drive!

At first this actually can be rather pleasant. You’re no longer …but after a while you realize you’re missing something…no longer are you craning your neck or surreptitiously checking out women every chance you get, instead when you look at women you’re looking at dry wall. That’s right—when your testosterone is zero even the most gorgeous, sexy impossibly beautifully women look like a blank wall.

And to make matter worse when your testosterone is in the cellar you suddenly become more attractive to women…somehow your pheromones—that is if you even have any left are sending signals that you’re totally harmless. Women actually come onto you—they find you endearing, intelligent, understanding instead of being the ogre you were previously were when you were constantly ogling their butts.

So all in all chemical castration is an awful pain in the ass but it does save your life. Even though at times a seems like it’s not worth saving.

When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer I was sixty nine. (A prophetic number don’t cha think?) My wife was twenty years younger and was a very sexy—and I might add adventurous lady. I was totally enthralled with her and even at my advanced age we had sex—and plenty of it.

But a month after Casodex and Lupron I could no longer get an erection. This sad state of affairs lasted for thirteen months. That’s the length of time you have to be on these damnable meds…after that there is an agonizing slow revival of your id…but it’s never is the same…

But over all that may be a good thing— cause as I mentioned you’re still alive.

And now to why I think chemical castration is the humane way to treat sex offenders. Currently they live in the shadows with all kinds of restrictions…restrictions which, if they violate end them back in the slammer where they get butt fucked incessantly and occasionally killed by moralists in The Aryan Nation or The Mexican Mafia.

And if they don’t land back in jail or dead they spend their lives in shadow communities with an electronic collar around their ankles.

I say give these buggers Casodex and Lupron and let them live anywhere they want to. They’ll be as harmless and celibate as priests—oh, I better think of another analogy…

Any way I think chemical castration for sex deviants is a lot better than having them hanging around school yards with uncontrollable urges and pocketfuls of candy…Don’t you?

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