Sheldon Adelson

99% Screwed!

“Occupy” Shit Canned

It’s over and you don’t hear a damn thing about Occupy Wall Street anymore because it’s kaput, finished, shit canned and forgotten. They’ve hosed down and replanted the parks where the movement took place. It’s like they never existed. It was just a brief flame—always just flickering and it lasted for three months…then the powers to be came and in the name of public safety and obliterated any sign of it.

The troglodytes, aka Tea Partiers, who believe the world was created 6,000 years ago, that a woman’s body is not her own, that a spermatozoa as soon as it attaches it’s worm like body to an egg which is clinging to an ovary  is a really a divine spark, that signing a pledge never to raise taxes with Grover Norquist is the answer to America’s problems, that we don’t share 96% of our genome with chimps—-these are the guys who have won.

Look at the score card—do the math: Members of Congress who are 99 percenters. Zero

Members of Congress who are tea partiers: 76 and counting.

And Sheldon Adelson has said publicly that he will contribute one hundred million dollars to Cross Roads the super pac devoted to make sure that 99% percent of us screwed again.

Think your vote counts. Think again. Your puny ballot vs. 100M. Who’s gonna listen to you.? The answer is NOBODY.

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