Kaldor Interviews

Seize The Day Interview

ModDoom Radio’s blog entitled Seize The Day conducts a short interview with Eric Kaldor. Eric talks about some of the writers and books that influenced him back in the day and his current writing routine as he finishes his new novel Scars of David. Conducted August 30, 2012.

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Eric Enters The Slaughterhouse

Widely published author Richard Godwin interviews Eric Kaldor. Topics include writing for 70′s TV, Hollywood blacklisted, selling drugs to the Stars, acting and his new soon to be released novel Scars of David. Conducted July 30, 2012.

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Eric Kaldor Interview

Classic TV writer and novelist, Eric Kaldor is interviewed by “Come On Over And Help Us,” a literary website that publishes various forms of narrative writing and poetry. Conducted March 15, 2012.

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Eric Kaldor On Xiro Xone Radio

Hollywood scriptwriter and Novelist, Eric Kaldor enters the Xone to talk about Hollywood in the 1970′s to present day Hollywood. Recorded on December 3, 2011.

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TV Writer Podcast

Interview from Script Magazine for the series “TV Writer Podcast” conducted by Greg Jones on October 28, 2011.

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10 Questions For…Eric Kaldor

Interview from the Website entitled “Inside Martin – The Official Website of Novelist Martin Lastrapes.” Conducted December 2, 2011.

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